Evidence into Action

Tomorrow we have our second Evidence into Action day with Laura Kearney. Laura is very much part of our extended Visible Learning family.  The first Evidence into Action day was in September and about 2/3 of our schools participated.  It was a thought provoking day and fired us all up for the evidence gathering process.  It was hard to not feel a little overwhelmed when looking at the school matrix and reflecting on the evidence we have and the things we have no evidence for. The good thing about the day is that you leave with a plan (or at least an outline plan) in which you have identified priority areas and evidence gathering tools.

The EPS allocated 2 days to support schools with their evidence gathering. We took part in a variety of things from focus groups, interviews, questionnaire analysis and walkthroughs.  We look forward to reviewing this evidence with schools tomorrow and identifying next steps. As a team we will work with schools to develop the knowledge and practices identified.

We will soon be looking for teachers to join us on the 2 day Visible Learning into Action course.  Teachers will be introduced to the classroom matrix and the process of impact cycles.  We hope to have 2 teachers from each school who can then work together to carry out impact cycles in their classrooms and then share this with their colleagues.

More soon…I promise!


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